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The first quarter of 2017 started off well for home sales in Alys Beach. There were a total of three homes sold in Alys Beach, for a total volume of $9,295,000.00 in home sales. The average home sale price was $3,098,333.00 and the average price per square foot was $1,089.42/SqFt. The total number Q1 homes sales are historically lower in Alys Beach, and this year was no different. The major highlight of Q1 '17 was the sale of 130 Sea Garden, which was sold by 850 Properties for $5,650,000.00 as an off-market transaction. The total sales volume for Q1 '17 is 13.258% of the total volume for 2016, and represents 9.68% of the total number of sales for 2016. The average price per square foot for Q1 '17 closed out at $1,089.42/SqFt, which is 68.73% higher than 2016. Additionally, the cumulative days on market for Q1 '17 was only 50 days, compared to 133 days in 2016. 

The historical sales data represented in the graph below show the quarterly number of sales and average price per sale. The linear trend lines highlight that, even with the seasonal indices, the number of home sales and the average price per sale in Alys Beach is slowly trending upward. 

Q1 2017 Alys Beach Sales Data

The cumulative days on market represents the total number of days it takes to market a property before the property sells. Some homes in Alys Beach are off-market transactions, and tend to skew the numbers. However, due to the large number of homes that sell off-market, we've decided to keep the zero days in the results. Even with the zero days, the cumulative days on market is showing a linear downward trend. 

Q1 2017 Alys Beach Days of Marketing

Out of the three home sales in Alys Beach for Q1 '17, only one shows a mortgage recorded with the Walton County Clerk of Courts. Looking at home sales and lot sales for Q1 '17, there were a total of seven sales. Additionally, there were five recorded mortgages with the Walton County Clerk of Courts in Alys Beach for Q1 '17. However, only one of the five recorded mortgages has a legal description matching one of the seven sales. There were also two Lis Pendens filed with the Walton County Clerk of Courts for Q1 '17 in Alys Beach. The two properties facing foreclosure are not currently listed for sale. For a copy of the filings, please contact our office. 

850 Properties continually sells more homes in Alys Beach than any other outside Real Estate Brokerage. 

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